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App Society at SelfSell ICO Roadshow in London

Members of the App Society are expanding their network and reaching out to opportunities and companies outside of the University bubble. Not only does this provide invaluable connections to members for after graduation, but it also allows students to understand the bigger picture in building a business and preparing themselves for the future. One such opportunity was to attend an event held by Selfsell in Canada Square, London. The committee not only brought the event to the knowledge of members, but also partly helped in the hosting of the event.

London Roadshow: Our Projects

This event provided you with a unique opportunity to participate in the Initial Token Offering of SelfSell; a NASDAQ based on people as assets. It empowers every one of us to launch an IPO of the human; the value generators. 

On SelfSell, everyone can self-estimate their future value and sell portions of it to investors. Your value then becomes a circulating share, just like how it works in a stock market. Your only obligation is to repay your investors in the time period stated on the smart contracts. 

Hosted by the China-UK Blockchain Association, this event encompassed keynote speakers, including a former Economic Nobel Prize Winner, to discuss perspectives on ICO, blockchain and more! 


Selfsell is an innovative blockchain technology originating from China, and launching its Initial Coin Offering, or ICO. The Founder of Selfsell, Li Yuan, pitched his idea of Human Capital Investment through this platform, as a form of low-cost individual fundraising. Think putting yourself on the IPO marketplace. Such an exciting and insightful talk had members in awe, and excited to network after the talks ended. Everyone left feeling satisfied and went to dinner together afterwards!


Currently traveling around the world to showcase the idea to eager investors and curious onlookers, the society was fortunate enough to listen to Professor Thomas, winner of 20 Nobel prizes in economic science as well as Founder Li Yuan and other influential figures involved in the project.

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London Roadshow: Pro Gallery
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